"Maid". Hong Kong, 2012
Salt production. Goa, India 2010
The Mariinsky Theatre. St.-Petersburg 2002 id:2526
Russian Museum. St. Petersburg 2000
Theological college, Makhachkala, Dagestan 2008 id:2511
Jerusalem. 2009 id:3089
Women’s clothing store. Isfahan. Iran. 2006 id: 1782
Support center "Anton is nearby" 2018
Meeting. Moscow 2010 id:3735
Office workers of a bank celebrate a colleague birthday. St.Petersburg 2001
Vladimir Putin. St.Petersburg 2001 id:1558
Restaurant "Call of Ilyich" St. Petersburg 2003 id: 2510
Mine "Trudovskaya". Donetsk 2009 id: 3214
The sisters Fatima and Zuhra, their mother Jamil and aunt Natif are waiting for the arrival of the school bus. Chegem Gorge, Kabardino-Balkaria 2008 id: 2531
Museum of Old City Life. Ulyanovsk 2010
Snack at the cadet school. Yekaterinburg. 2008 id: 2513
Crossing. Tobolsk 2005 id: 1550
Peasant Nikolai Taran. Ulyanovsk. 2010
Tourists from mainland China to Hong Kong. 2012
Seller of golden fishes. Baghdad, Iraq 2002 id: 2535
Loader. Goa India 2006 id 2540
Salt production. Goa, India 2010 id: 3304
Santiago de Cuba. 2009 id: 2892
Santiago de Cuba. 2009 id:3141
Santiago de Cuba. 2009 id: 2871
Neighborhood of Delhi. India. 2013
Full moon festival at Pashupatinath Temple. Kathmandu, Nepal 2008 id: 2544
Temple police. Isfahan, Iran. 2005
38th parallel. The border between the DPRK and South Korea. 2005
Boys are watching the training of recruits. Afghanistan. 2001
Sulawesi island. Indonesia. 2012
Swimming in the fountain. Gudermes, Chechnya. 2003
Tango Club. Voronezh. 2015
Monks carrying a crucifix. 2001
Tea Party of the amateur "Naive Theater" at the psychoneurological boarding school №7. St. Petersburg. 2003
Lenin memorial in Ulyanovsk. 2010
Feeding the pigeons. St. Petersburg. 2001
The insemination technician Masha and her sister, milkmaid Luba. Leningrad region 2004
Detox. St. Petersburg. 2003
Moscow businessman aboard his own ship. Moscow 2005
Fish Market in Yakutsk. 2007
Fish factory. Kamchatka 2006
Baba Anya and her dog Tyson. Tobolsk, Tobolsk. 2005 id 2522
Аt meetings. 2014