Moon graffiti

Moon graffiti

“Moon graffiti” is a series of photograms made on the border of the water and the banks of the Moscow river. For several moonlit nights, the photopaper was partially submerged in the river water and exposed by moonlight. The process of developing and fixing the image took place immediately at the bank.

Each photogram is a unique print of the prevailing natural conditions. The position and illumination of the moon changed and affected the density and contrast of the images. Different color of the moon occurs to affect the image as the use of photo filters in the enlarger!

The speed of the river flow influenced the sharpness of the image and textures of the picture of the water part of the photogram. The human factor also interfered with the natural process. Periodical there was waste disposal into the river, that's why the flow changed to the opposite, the water level increased. At one of the photograms there is heavily eroded border of environments due to water fluctuations from drive boats…

Unlike photography prints from negatives or photograms conventional items, 'Moon graffiti'  image impossible to repeat. For me it was important to minimize my participation in the process of image appearance, to exclude the moment of my own aesthetic artistic view, to become a medium that transfers power to the elements, allows physical and chemical processes to appear visually. 'Moon graffiti' are exhibited in the form of a vertical histogram, in which the boundary of the media is taken as a zero level.