Photographer, curator, historian of photography. Born in 1952 in Leningrad. Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia (1992), Union of Artists of Russia (1994). In 1977 he graduated from the faculty of photojournalists of the City University of Rabcors at the Leningrad House of Journalists. He was a member of amateur associations: VDK photo clubs, Druzhba (1972-1982); The Mirror (1987-1988). He worked as a photographer at a shipbuilding enterprise (1978-1999). Member of the organizational board of the festival "Traditional Autumn Photomarathon" (1998-2003). Since 1999, a free artist. In 2000, he organized the publishing house Art-Tema, specializing in the publication of publications on photography (art director, 2000-2001). Editor of the "Art Attic" section of the Peter-club online magazine (2000-2001). Art director of the Raskolnikov photo gallery (2004-2005).

The author of more than seventy solo exhibitions held in Russia, England, Germany, Holland, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, a participant in more than 150 group exhibitions. From 1996 to 2010 As a curator, he completed eighteen exhibition projects. Author of texts on the history of photography, author of several albums and books. Fellow of the City Hall of Paris (2006). The works are stored in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Russian National Library, St. Petersburg; State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg; Yaroslavl Art Museum; Museum "Moscow House of Photography"; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; State Russian Museum of Photography, Nizhny Novgorod; Museum of Photographic Collections, Moscow; Museum of Noncomformist Art, St. Petersburg; State Center for Photography (ROSPHOTO), St. Petersburg; Photographic Museum "House of Metenkov", Yekaterinburg; Literary and Memorial Museum F.M. Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg; Museum of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), St. Petersburg .; St. Petersburg State Museum of Musical and Theater Art, St. Petersburg; St. Petersburg State Theater Library; Museum "House of V.V. Nabokov", St. Petersburg.

The works are included in the collections of: Free Culture Foundation, St. Petersburg; Foundation for Historical Photography Karla Bulla, St. Petersburg; Ruarts Foundation, Moscow; Museum of the History of Photography, St. Petersburg .; Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna; Lumiere Brothers Photography Center, Moscow; Harry Ranson Humanitarian Research Center, Ostin, Texas, USA; E. Yu. Andreeva, St. Petersburg; V.N. Valrana, St. Petersburg; Galleries "Artnasos", St. Petersburg; Gisich Galleries, St. Petersburg; M. I. Golosovsky, Krasnogorsk; A. V. Loginova, Moscow; Luke & A Gallery of Modern Art, London; The Navigator Foundation, Boston, USA; The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection, USA; The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers; The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswik, NJ, USA; Mendi Kaszier Foundation, Antwerpen, Belgien; Jean Olaniszyn Collection, Losone, Svizzera; M. Redaelli & P. ​​Todorovch, Sorengo, Svizzera; Russian Art Collection Gianni Foraboschi, Milano, Italia; Mark Faist, Houston, TX, USA; Locarno Cultural Center “Rivellino LDV”, Svizzera, etc.