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About Slava Baranov

Slava Baranov was born in Nizhny Novgorod. Since 1997 lives in St. Petersburg. He studied at the Literary Institute. AM Gorky. Now It consists of creative and social unions SPR, SHR, IFA, ICOM. A freelance artist, collaborates with Russian and European museums, is engaged in the examination and the formation of photographic collections. Takes part in ethnographic expeditions. Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Moscow. Works are presented in museums and galleries of Moscow, Senkt-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, as well as abroad.
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Personal exhibitions (selectively):

"FOTOGRAM" New Gallery. Moscow Contemporary Art Gallery. (Moscow) 2018.
"Dante" Gallery PND. (NY. USA) 2017. 
"Central Park" 2016. Classic photo gallery. Moscow. 
"Last Day" Must-be art Centre, (Peking) 2014.
"Rust" Contemporary works. (P.A. USA) 2013. 
"Light Breath " ROSFOTO. (Spb.) 2011. 
"Paris - Petersburg" MuseumTsvetaeva's House (Moscow, Sorbonna. Paris) 2010. 
"The Parisian phantoms." Museum the Bulgakov House. (Moscow) 2010. 
"A modest handout of Hollywood" Project Street ofO.G.I. (Moscow) 2008. 
"Last Romans"IFA. (Spb.) 2006.
"Seasons" Art Center Pushkin 10. (Spb) 2005. 
"Primavera" Grand Palais. (Paris) 2004. 
"Fictions of Teodora Drajzera" Nabokov's House museum. (Spb.) 2003. 
«Other life» IFA. (Spb.) 2002.
«White and black» Gallery "Photounion". (Moscow) 2002. 
"Svetlojar. Keepers of a relic" M.Gorkogo's State museum. (Moscow) 2002. 
"Dream of May" IFA. (Spb.) 2002. 
8 International Moscow Photobiennials. MDF. (Moscow) 2010. 
7 International Moscow Photobiennials MDF. (Moscow) 2008. 
The project «the Poem without the hero» (Ahmatovaj's museum. SPb.) 2004. 
"Paris a Photo" Gallery R.B.C. 2004 (Paris). 
4 International Moscow Photobiennials MDF. (Moscow) 2002. 
Photobiennials. "Fodar" 2001 (Pleven, Berlin). 
The international Shanghai аrt - a forum 2001 (China). 
The international festival of a photo "Proзрение" 2001. The modern art center. (N.Novgorod). 
The international photo salon Siberia 2000 (Novosibirsk). 
The international Shanghai аrt - a forum 2000 (China). 
The international competition of the newspaper of "Izvestia" 2000 (Moscow).